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BLE Super Soaker

Bluetooth LE controlled water gun turret made from the pump of a Super Soaker Thunderstorm gun.


* Wireless (phone or laptop) control range up to 60ft
* 180 degree turret rotation
* 12+ ft water stream range

Originally created at the AT&T Developer Hackathon in Dallas on August 29th.

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Universal Devices ISY Home Automation Controller Mac OS X App

The ISY Quick Controls App for Mac OS X gives users with a (Universal Devices) ISY Home Automation Controller lightning fast control of their Insteon and Z-wave devices. Works with both the ISY-994i and ISY-994iZw models.

Arduino Omnigraffle Stencil

I've been using the drawing/illustration/wireframing tool Omnigraffle for years. Lately I've found myself creating basic circuit prototypes (specifically those that use an Arduino) for showing others that would be confused with traditional schematics. I spent some time last week and developed an Omnigraffle stencil of the common Arduino boards. I've reached out to Graffletopia to get this added so others can use it.

Download now from Graffletopia or Stencil Town!

iPhone Controlled Plant Watering Device

I finally had a chance to finish up my phone controlled plant watering device that I started at the December Home Automation AT&T Hackathon. The device is built on a Raspberry Pi platform (Raspbian) with a hacked USB WIFI dongle, H-bridge pump driver board, DC motor pump, and a power circuit for handling both the Pi and pump drive. Three LEDs are mounted along the right side of the device to show power, internet connectivity, and whether or not the pump is running ( in this case-the plant is being watered).

Once the plant watering device is connected to the internet (WIFI), a Node.js process starts and subscribes to a private Pubnub (device) channel and awaits commands.

The device is controlled from a basic iPhone app, which allows the user to choose how long to water and shows a realtime progress indicator of the run. Once the "start" button is clicked, the selected # of seconds to run is sent to the pubnub (device) channel. Upon receiving the start request, the device…

Controlling a $10 R/C with hand gestures/movements

Modified the remote of a cheap R/C that we had lying around to accept commands through hand movement using an Adruino (Mini Pro) and a Gyroscope/Accelerometer. The boards are mounted to a custom 3D printed platform that has two loops on each side for attaching the mounting straps. The mounting straps are the traditional backpack-style, and have an adjuster on the bottom for tightening. The Arduino uses the position of the gyroscope to drop voltage of the directional and/or accelerate buttons based on the platform's position, using left to go left, right to go right, up/tilt to accelerate, and down/drop to stop.

Split files on Mac OS X with the Text File Splitter

Easily split a single large text file into smaller files on Mac OS X Mavericks while retaining the header row. Select the number of rows to split at, or enter a custom number. Splitting has been tested on files upwards of one million rows. Carriage return and new line terminated records are supported. Select between carriage-return and new-line output record termination.

Great for splitting a single large CSV import file into multiple smaller files.